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[2023] National Event: The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners!
Posted: 5 Sep 2023
Are you ready to seize an incredible opportunity? The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners is back and better than ever this year, hosted by the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, in collaboration with ...
What it’s Like to Teach English in a Kindergarten in China
Posted: 11 May 2023
After coming to China 7 years ago to teach English at a Kindergarten, I can honestly say that it was and still is an amazing experience, and one which I hope to continue for many more years. Being a ...
2023 - Updates on China border reopening
Posted: 14 Feb 2023
News and updates on the status of the Chinese border reopening for internationals during the COVID-19 pandemic. China to resume Tourist Visa for foreigners March 14, 2023 - Chinese embassies in multi ...