Verify your graduation diploma online in China with this Guide!

Post Date: 16 Jul 2018

Verify your graduation diploma online in China with this Guide!

The process to verify your qualifications for a job in China just got easier, according to an announcement from the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange. 

The process for qualifications issued by US and Canadian institutions will now take no more than 10 working days in contrast with the prior waiting time 20 days, the center announced. Third party countries may process such in 15 days. By moving the process online, applicants will receive a digital certificate once they verify their documents.

This verification of university qualifications is mandated by many employers in China as part of the visa process, with the Chinese government seeking to stamp out fraud in the obtaining of work permits. From 2017, new regulations from the government significantly tightened the process and increased the number of documents mandated to apply. Despite this, the introduction of the online system has made the process less, than more complicated. Through online verification, people no longer have to waste time physically bringing their documents to embassies. Instead, foreigners of any nationality can submit digital copies to the new verification website, where they will be reviewed and (hopefully) approved in as little as 20 business days. It’s very simple, one must simply register with their name and passport number and uphold their documents. Although some Chinese language ability will be required to use it.

Service fees range around 360 RMB, in addition to a delivery fee of 15-20 RMB.

How to verify it?

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange website is currently only available in Chinese. However, since most of us haven’t mastered the language (yet) we’ve made a step-by-step guide on how non-Chinese citizens can verify their diploma through this online system – check it out here

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