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Acquire English Introduction “Acquire English” originate from the Second Language AcquisitionMethodology of linguistic, which stands forthe highly efficient and high-qualityEnglish learning result we have beenpursuing always. We are aiming at 3 to 16 years old young learners to providewith well-designed English curriculum system taught by native teachers. In 2012, Acquire English introduced theability-oriented English training courseto Changsha from Guangzhou. And after 5years’ development, under the full efforts of Acquire Team, we are headingtowards mature stage of our institute with near 1000㎡ flagshipcenter, multi-media equipment, colorful learning space and comfortable workingenvironment. Our philosophy is to promote theability-oriented English education, establishingChangsha young learners’ Englishstate of mind with native teachers’ training course: allclasses are taught by professional and certificated native teachers from theUSA, Canada, UK and all other countries with English as their first language.All teachers are holding TEFEL/TESOL certificate. We had great learningaccomplishments evaluated by Cambridge YLE Starters/Movers/Flyers Testsauthorized by Cambridge Assessment Association with 100% pass & almost 95%excellent for Starters and Flyers tests (2 students got fullscores), and close to 80% pass for Movers test. We are also the onlyorganization with students taking Flyers tests with outstanding achievements.This accomplishment gained very positive recognition from parents, and showedthem the professional training ability of Acquire English. No matter the operation planning for thenew center in 2018, or the elite-basedmanagement model, both proved that westepped into a better future. If you expect to have a great future in thetraining industry, we are willing to provide an opportunity for anyone withtruly faith.