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Nanjing Studio English Classroom
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Nanjing Studio English Classroom(南京空中英语学校,also know as KZ-English), the official website is <a href=","></a> Recently, there are three campuses here in Nanjing, Gulou District campus, YuHua District campus and Pukou District campus, and two more campuses are under construction, which will come into service by the end of 2018. We are heading to the final state when we become a much more influential listed education brand in the next three to five years. Nanjing Studio English Classroom is growing fast and strong, with a scale of over 200 employees and 1500 students. The teaching environment is so comfortable with complete facilities as required, including the teaching area, office, dining room, resting area and so on. We have a great team, where all staff get on well with each other and enjoy the joy of teaching. Recently, we have 15 foreign English teachers.We are pleased to have them in our team and thus we provide a great platform for promotion, from junior to senior, with one certain purpose, which is that your effort is always paid back.Our school is always outstanding in teaching, because our team always do the teaching research to find out what exactly that suits the students. Besides, we having been using the textbook from Pearson Company to help the teenagers here in China to build the habit and logic of English language. As a result, it has gained huge compliment from the parents and the students. In order to keep the class in order and keep the teaching quality, we insist to keep small-sized class(of which the size is within 8 students) and one-on-one VIP class. With multiple teaching methods and abundant teaching contents, we try our best to improve the the students’ comprehensive ability of language learning.