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Taizhou Shibo Sports Development Co. Ltd
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Taizhou Shibo Sports Development Co. Ltd is gym for recreational gymnatics for children from 1-15 years old.It is a brand from Canada. We have all the professional epuipments for gymnastics.Our concept is to use sports to stimulates children's brain for fast learning and thinking. Our aim is to develop children's habits to do sports in their lifetime. We coach in the gym in English. For the course, we focus on gymnastics and along the learning of English and let children have fun. Shibo Sports through "recreational gymnastics" to cultivate children's exploratory, creativity and challenging for new things. This is a method to cultivate children to be confident and have the sense of self-improvement.We have equipments like trampoline, rings, bars, mushroom, pommel horse, vaults,beams, climbing wall and foam pit, etc.We also have a soccer room and many media rooms.There will be many schedules for travelling during coaching time. Welcome to our Shibo Sports gym.We need coaches that have the profssional experience for coaching gymnastics.

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Taizhou Shibo Sports Development Co. Ltd