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THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions
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THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions (hereafter “TJK”) is the only executive recruitment consulting firm that specializes in sophisticated and charming executives. This special genre of people shows tendency of being top performers who are hard working, proactive and pleasant with a good taste.TJK offers a one-of-a-kind strategic partnering service to those companies that seek for a greater success in China. Already a successful business (growing at high double digits each year for the past five years), we work very closely with some of the most successful MNCs in consumer sectors, private equity, banking and so on, winning big in China. We have done (are doing) a few good things, such as:• Helped/contributed making a small nobody-know Asian bank to win the “World’s Strongest Bank” title twice in years 2011 and 2012.• Itself earned the recognition of being the most preferred Chinese vendor (among ten thousand) for the fastest growing and most admired American FMCG MNC operating in China.• Continuously maintain 10% of our staffs’ time spent on not making money, but helping others.

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