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E-Suns Biotechnology
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About E-Suns E-Suns is a Chinese company established in 2011 and headquartered in Beijing at Jianwai SOHO (next to Guomao subway station). The operating functions of our business are three-fold: (1) E-Suns is developing and selling health supplements produced through modern biotechnological methods and following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles together with our business partners from Israel and Japan. Products include tea, nutri-powders, Lohas products, cold patches and incenses. The products are already sold in China and our goal is to penetrate the international market soon.  (2) E-Suns cooperates with TCM universities in order to conduct R&D related to TCM and develop innovative TCM products. At the same time, E-Suns is involved in the Chinese healthcare system. We are already cooperating with four major hospitals in four different provinces to which we provide our high quality products. (3) E-Suns manages and sells products listed as Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage. E-Suns aspires to promote and protect TCM culture in China and abroad. Visit our website: www.sino-medicinetech.com 

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