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Gallycat is a website that finds not onlythe best, but the most authentic eats for your travels abroad. Our platformprovides an endless supply of mouth-watering local eats; curated, cross-referenced,and shared amongst your friends and family, a network of global travelers,bloggers, chefs, and publications; so that you can create and plan your very ownfood journey, and experience the best of the best at the click of a button. As a food-driven community with a shared visionof global inclusion and curiosity, Gallycat encourages local restaurants andfamily run establishments to share their food and culture with like-mindedtravelers; those who want to step off the ‘eaten path’ and seek a moreauthentic food experience in the nooks and crannies of local streets. Let us connectyou, so that you can experience their world. 

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