IntelligentLine (Tianjin) Management Consulting Co., Ltd.



IntelligentLine (Tianjin) Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
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天津市皓智企业管理咨询有限公司皓智企业管理咨询公司是一家为企事业单位提供高水准专业猎头、咨询及培训的管理咨询公司。皓智致力于同企业和人才建立长期的战略合作关系,通过我们专业地服务,为客户提供各类中、高级管理人才及专业技术人才,同时为优秀人才提供良好的职业机会,帮助他们更好地规划职业生涯。<br><br>INTELLIGENTLINE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS CO.,LTDIntelligentLine Management Consultant Company would like to offer our professional service in hunting,consulting and training program.<br>IntelligentLine Management Consultant Company will keep a long-term strategic cooperation with our customers. Through our professional services, we would like to offer all kinds of management talents and technical talents. Meanwhile we would also provide good career opportunity to excellent candidate, helping them to develop a better professional career.<br>