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Hans Einhell
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Hans Einhell started in 1964 with the foundation of Hans Einhell Co., Ltd. in Landau/Isar in Germany. Hans Einhell changed to be Einhell Germany AG (EAG) and listed on the stock exchange in 1987. Right now Einhell is represented in more than 70 countries all over the world. Einhell develops and sells solutions for the handyman and tradesman for home, garden and recreational use. The scope of Einhell’s international operations reflects the global orientation of the company’s customer base. Subsidiaries and affiliated partners around the globe ensure proximity to customers who conduct business throughout the world. Einhell currently has approximately 1400 employees worldwide. Corporate turnover is about ? 444 million in 2015. Find more information under www.einhell.com. Our high standard of innovation and quality is based on our in-house development team, collaboration with external partners and a strong quality assurance program. In order to maintain a presence in close proximity to the production sites and react with lightening speed to customer preferences, we have massively expanded our quality assurance operations and relocated parts of our engineering department to Shanghai. Einhell China was set up in 1994 and employs now arround 250 people. As China is the most important purchasing market for the Einhell group, Einhell China set up the strong engineering Dept. to ensure products are made in strict compliance with Einhell quality guidelines and can be delivered to customers on time.

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