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Thanks for reviewing this post.                     Description of this job: This is E-RaccoonEnglish from zuoyebang. Our program just started a short period of time ago,but with the support of our company and our investors like Goldman Sachs wedevelop rapidly, so we need more teachers to join us. The students in the classroom islimited, up to 12. All of them are from primary schools, so there's nobabies. We know that some of you guys may not heard about this format before,since we are very new in the online teaching area. But we are very confidentand competitive since this format is suitable for nearly all kinds of tiers ofcities in China, so we know this will become a trend in the future.  Required work experience: We require teacherswho have Bachelor or Master's degree, English native speaker or with greataccent non-English native speaker, with TEFL/TESOL certificate, having teachingexperience is preferred. The salary is from 17$ to 24$ each hour. Thatdepends on your qualification of this jobJ If you meet our criteria, please feel free tosend your CV and self -intro to us. Hope to hear from you soon~ E-Raccoon English.