KOL Operation Manager (Thailand)

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  • Work Location
    Shanghai( 上海 ),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    3 Years
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    15000 - 30000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Management, Operations





1 规划阶段性优质创作者引入数量和节奏,并落地重点垂类的优质创作者引入计划,提升平台内优质创作者数量;

2 制定站内优质创作者成长体系,并维护优质创作者。通过分析用户特征进行分层运营,有效提升优质内容生产量;

3 通过对内容的理解以及资源使用帮助优质创作者在站内成长;

4 引入并维护优质MCN,协助内容运营完成优质内容增长目标。



1 本科及以上学历,互联网运营经验3年及以上,出海产品内容运营经验优先;

2 对泰国内容行业熟悉,了解创作者获取渠道和创作者核心需求;

3 具备相关项目运营完整经历,能够主导并推动项目完成,并具有优秀的数据思维;

4 了解泰国的社会文化,泰国母语

5 有强烈的Owner意识,积极主动、团队合作,沟通协调能力强,并具有高度责任感。


Company Introduction:

A major Internet company located in Shanghai is currently in a leading position in domestic videos operations. The colleagues are kind and friendly, and the office environment is comfortable.


Job responsibilities:

  • Plan the number and pace of the introduction of high-quality creators in phases, and implement the introduction of high-quality creators in key vertical categories to increase the number of high-quality creators on the platform;
  • Develop a growth system for high-quality creators on the site and maintain high-quality creators. Perform hierarchical operations by analyzing user characteristics to effectively increase the production of high-quality content;
  • Help high-quality creators’ fans number grow through the understanding of the content and the use of resources;
  • Introduce and maintain high-quality MCN to assist content operations to achieve the goal of high-quality content growth.


Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above;
  • 3 years or above working experience in Internet operation, overseas product content operation preferred;
  • Familiar with the Thai content industry, understand creators' acquisition channels and creators' core needs;
  • Have a complete experience in related project operations, be able to lead and promote the completion of the project, and have excellent data analytics skills;
  • Understand Thai society and culture, and be able to use Thai as a native speaker;
  • Have a strong sense of leadership, proactive, teamwork, strong communication and coordination skills, and a high sense of responsibility.