Game Localization (French)

Posted 295 days ago ·

  • Work Location
    Shanghai( 上海),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Information Technology
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for all operation of gaming products in France.
2. Continually gather feedbacks and data for analyze, strategies to propose new ways to optimize game and revenue in France.
3. Define dashboards and statistics to evaluate, improve the game’s performances on all networks and platform in France.
4. Analyze problems and provide suggestions to production team, so as to improve the effect of product operation
5. Edit and optimize the translation in accordance to the consumer acquisition, localizing the product
Job Requirements:
1. Has lived in France for quite some time
along with a profound understanding of the local cultures. Fluent in Mandarin is preferred
2. Loves game, have great enthusiasm for games. Expertise in certain games
3. Proficient in the usage of Office Excel and PPT software
4. Sufficient degree of document writing, as well as attentive
5. Motivated, good at communicating as well as team spirit