Curator of Library 图书馆馆长

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  • Work Location
    Foshan( 佛山),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    3 Years
  • Qualification
    Masters Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    25000 - 40000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Education, Teaching
We are looking for a Curator of Library 图书馆馆长 for an international high school based in Foshan, Guangdong province. This is a full-time position starting from the upcoming academic year.

About the school:

    The prestigious international boarding school, established in Foshan's Shunde district, provides comprehensive education for K-12 students, encompassing primary, middle and high school divisions. Boasting more than 4,800 students and 700 faculty members, including approximately 100 international teachers, this school is the first in China to offer a continuum of IB PYP, MYP and DP programs, as well as IGCSE, A-Level and AP curriculum.

    Job Description:

    • Fully responsible for the expansion of the operation business of the school's library.
    • Develop an expansion plan for library operations to fully mobilize students' reading enthusiasm.
    • Develop a library construction and operation plan to facilitate the implementation of specific projects.
    • Establish a management team for the operation of libraries in various stages of the school, and develop a detailed performance evaluation system for the team.
    • Build and promote smart libraries, including digital reading, electronic resource management, etc., to provide efficient and convenient information services for students.
    • Collaborate with teachers to provide support and consulting services for teaching, and offer academic advice and guidance to students.

      Job Requirements:

        • Master's degree or above, major in Library Science, Information Management and Information Systems, Information Resource Management, Archival Science, etc;

        • Having work experience in large libraries or school libraries both domestically and internationally, and holding management positions for at least 2 years;
        • Proficient in library management software and digital resource management systems, with good information skills and data analysis abilities;
        • Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and be able to communicate and cooperate well with foreign teachers and students.
        • Familiar with the construction plan of the library, especially the construction plan and development direction of the campus library.
        • Strong interpersonal communication skills, coordination and management skills, and ability to withstand pressure.

        Salary & Benefits:

        • Monthly salary is up to 50000 depending on experience and qualifications

        • Fully paid summer and winter holiday
        • Apartment provided
        • Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund



        这所著名的国际寄宿学校位于佛山顺德区,为K-12学生提供全面的教育,包括小学、中学和高中。这所学校拥有4800多名学生和700名教职员工,其中包括大约100名国际教师,是中国第一所提供IB PYP、MYP和DP课程以及IGCSE、a-Level和AP课程的学校。

        • 全面负责学校智慧图书馆运营业务的拓展工作。
        • 制订图书馆运营业务的拓展计划,充分调动学生阅读积极性。
        • 制订图书馆建设运营方案,促成具体项目落地。
        • 组建学校各学段图书馆运营的管理团队,并制定详细的团队的绩效考核制度。
        • 建设和推广智慧图书馆,包括数字阅读、电子资源管理等,为学生提供高效便捷的信息服务。
        • 与教师合作,为教学提供支持和咨询服务,为学生提供学术咨询和指导。

        • 硕士及以上学历,图书馆学、信息管理与信息系统、信息资源管理、档案学等相关专业;
        • 具有在国内外大型图书馆或国内外学校图书馆工作经验、任管理职务 2 年及以上;
        • 熟练掌握图书馆管理软件和数字资源管理系统,具有良好的信息技能和数据分析能力;
        • 具有良好的英语听说读写能力,能够与外籍师生进行良好的沟通和合作。
        • 熟悉图书馆的建设规划,特别是校园图书馆的建设规划及发展方向。
        • 具备较强的人际沟通能力、协调管理能力、抗压能力。

        • 月薪最高可达40000,视经验和资历而定
        • 全薪寒暑假
        • 提供宿舍
        • 五险一金