Bilingual Music Teacher 双语音乐老师

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  • Work Location
    Guangzhou( 广州),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    2 Years
  • Qualification
    Masters Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    10000 - 14000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Education, Teaching

We are looking for a Bilingual Music Teacher 双语音乐老师 for a High School in Guangzhou. This is a full-time position starting in February 2024.


Job responsibilities

  • Teach the subject of music to high school students utilizing the AP framework and ensuring an engaging and enriching learning experience
  • Preparing lessons and lectures, tutoring techniques, designing and correcting assessments, and writing report comments
  • Collaboratively teach alongside fellow educators, actively contributing to the development and enhancement of the school's curriculum
  • Assess and monitor students’ progress and provide targets so that all learners can succeed and improve
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback to students and their parents and caregivers
  • Develop supportive and safe learning environments


Job requirements

  • Master degree or above in the related subject
  • Teaching certificate
  • Two or more years teaching experience in the subject
  • Excellent communications skills, fluent in Chinese and English


Salary and benefits

  • Monthly Salary range is of 10,000 to 14,000 RMB depending on experience and qualifications
  • Summer and winter holiday




  • 为高中生教授AP音乐课程
  • 准备课程和讲座,辅导技巧,设计和修改评估,撰写报告评论
  • 准备发展和改进校本课程
  • 评估和监督学生的进步,并制定目标,使所有学习者都能取得成功和进步
  • 向学生及其家长和照顾者提供清晰和建设性的反馈
  • 建立有支持性和安全性的学习环境



  • 硕士及以上学历
  • 2年以上相关教学经验
  • 持有教师证书
  • 优秀的英语沟通能力,中英文流利



  • 月薪:1万至1.4万人民币,视经验和资历而定
  • 寒暑假