Art Bilingual Teacher 双语艺术老师

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  • Work Location
    Sanya( 三亚),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    2 Years
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    15000 - 25000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Education, Teaching

About the school

Located in Sanya, commonly known as the Hawaii of China. This international K-12 school incorporates elements of both Chinese and Western cultures in its kindergarten, primary, middle, and high school divisions. With a team of educators from around the world, the school offers a bilingual education that is forward-thinking and that prepares students to be successful in a global setting.

Job Description

We are seeking candidates with a background in pure art disciplines, including but not limited to Fine Arts, Art History, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Art Theory, and Criticism. Please note that we are NOT considering applicants from non-pure art backgrounds such as Industrial Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Commercial Advertising Design, Jewellery Design, Animation, and Game Design at this time.

Job Responsibilities

  • Teach IG/A-Level IGCSE Art and Design courses and develop teaching plans;
  • Be familiar with the international education system, able to set up high school teaching arrangements, course settings, and plans for cultivating students' artistic literacy and aesthetic abilities for the IGCSE program;
  • Have a thorough understanding of the IGCSE art curriculum, CIE examinations, and examination arrangements;
  • Guide the IGCSE art courses, ensuring the quality of daily teaching;
  • Engage in educational research and lesson preparation discussions with other teachers within the IGCSE subject group;
  • Assist and cooperate with other departments of the school as needed;
  • Possess leadership capabilities and a sense of service support.


  • Bachelor's degree or above in a pure art-related field, with preference given to candidates with overseas study experience;
  • Solid professional knowledge and teaching skills, with preference given to those with IGCSE teaching and examination experience;
  • Clear articulation, standard English pronunciation, and good
  • communication and interaction skills;
  • Teaching credential. A variety of teaching methods and techniques, adept at analyzing teaching materials, extracting key points, and forming teaching presentations;
  • Strong classroom management and motivational skills, with good professional ethics;
  • Preference given to candidates with teaching and academic management experience, with at least 2 years


Salary and Benefits Package

  • Monthly salary:15000-25000 before tax, depending on qualification and experience.
  • Holidays: Chinese public holidays.
  • Housing: 5000 RMB for the house per month
  •  Airfare allowance: 8,000RMB a year after fulfillment of the one-year contract
  • Free meals in the canteen on work days
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Bonus 10% of the year base salary RMB on the last day of the Academic Year.                              
  • Moving compensation 2000





  • 教授IG/A-Level IGCSE Art and Design课程,并制定教学方案
  • 熟悉国际教育体系,能够为IGCSE项目制定高中教学安排、课程设置及学生艺术素养和审美能力培养规划
  • 熟练掌握IGCSE艺术课程,CIE考试及考务安排
  • 指导IGCSE艺术课程,确保日常教学质量
  • 与IGCSE学科组内教师进行教研交流,教学研究,备课讨论等
  • 协助、配合学校其它部门的相关工作
  • 具备领导能力和服务支持意识


  • 学历:本科及以上学历,纯艺术相关专业,海外留学者优先
  • 知识:扎实的专业知识与授课技能,有 IGCSE授课及考试经验者优先
  • 能力:清晰的口齿,标准的英语发音,良好的沟通和交流能力
  • 技能:相关领域教师资格证,多样的教学手段和技巧,善于解析教学材料,提炼要点并形成教学课件
  • 素养:强大的课堂控制能力和感染力,良好的职业操守
  • 经验:优先录取有教学和教务管理经验及能力,从事教学管理岗位2年以上


  • 月薪税前15000-25000,取决于资历和经验
  • 中国公众假期
  • 每月5000元住房费
  • 一年合同履行后机票补贴一年8000元
  • 工作日食堂免费提供餐食
  • 国际医疗保险
  • 学年最后一天奖金为当年基本工资的10%人民币                        
  • 搬家补偿2000