Zhuo Yu Zhi Da Educare Center

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  • Work Location
    Taiyuan( 太原),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
  • Qualification
    High School
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    8000 - 15000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions

Interview Notice :

The purpose of recruiting foreign teachers in English classes is not to publicize our institution. We are looking for an English teacher to design courses and lecture courses. in return we will provide generous salary. If the courses are good enough , we hope we can develop long-term cooperation.

In the future, we may work together to produce online classes, and packing our courses into other kindergartens and primary schools. Therefore, in the long run, we are not just looking for a teacher position, we are looking for partners who can achieve the above goals together.

About the Weekly Teaching Tasks

Always keep in mind that your students are 3-6 years old, please do use your body language, action language, simple concise and understandable language to deliver your course.

  • Teaching phonics which our school will provide you the proper materials
  • Teaching 3 textbooks which our school will provide, preparing written teaching plan, for instance, mind map and discussion topics related to the subject matter of the course
  • Teaching khan math based on “khan academy”app (download from app store for free)
  • Intensive reading of picture books, which our school will provide
  • Uploading your teaching plan one day before classes start
  • Discussing with supervisor after class on Tuesday in following subject of matter : classroom atmosphere, student performance, optimize classroom teaching effects etc.

About the Salary

Please note that there will be at least 8 hours of classes per week.

  • During the school semester, we will pay ¥200-¥300 per hour;
  • During the summer vocation, we will pay ¥15000 per month;
  • There will be one month residency, with hourly payment of ¥200

About the Interview

You do not have to be experienced or perfect, as long as show us that you are willing to explore , to put in time and energy , to accept other people’s opinions and to be enthusiastic, you may be the person we are looking for.
If you are ready to apply for the position, please read the following interview requirements:

1. please make an appointment with us in advance

2. Please prepare to show us how you are going to deliver your courses based on the following subjects (demo class is preferred ):

  • Textbook : Reading a-z
  • Textbook: Reds and Blues
  • Picture book: the very hungry caterpillar