NLP Processing Engineer Intern

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  • Work Location
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    1 Year
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    2500 - 4800
    Contract Type
  • Job Functions
    Information Technology



1. Research on language modeling, including information extraction and semantic understanding of unstructured data.
2. Research on text processing, classification and mining.
3. Involved in establishment of mapping knowledge domains.


1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or linguistics.
2. Proficient in lexical analysis, syntactic analysis and semantic understanding of unstructured  data, at least one year working experience related.
3. Proficient in the machine learning and deep learning of unstructured text in the direction of text mining.
4. Familiar with a programming language (Java, Scala, Python, etc.), have a solid programming ability.
5. Familiar with natural language related open source algorithm base.
6. Fluent English as working language.
7. Good team player with communication skills.
8. Basic knowledge of statistics is a plus.
9. Experienced in knowledge domain is preferred.
10. Experienced in deep learning in NLP is preferred.
11. Experienced in cognitive linguistics is preferred.

As it is an internship, the candidate should have a Student Visa. Those candidates who succeed at internship may apply for a full time position at our company.