Event Recap | 2024 Work Visa & Employment Seminar

Post Date: 10 Apr 2024

Event Recap | 2024 Work Visa & Employment Seminar

On the afternoon of March 29, 2024, the "2024 Work Visa & Employment Seminar - Sharing and Interpretation of Foreign Talent Introduction and Visa Policy" event, organized by eChinaCareers in partnership with Chengdu Human Resources Service Industry Park and the Chengdu International Science and Technology Exchange Center, was successfully held at the International Talent Bay in the High-Tech Zone. The event aimed to promote the development and integration of international talents in Chengdu through policy sharing and practical exchanges. It attracted more than 50 companies from industries including information technology, software, education, and human resources.

Guest Sharing Session

HR Industry Park

During the conference, Fiona Chen, General Manager of eChinaCareers representing the operation center of Chengdu Human Resources Service Industry Park (High-Tech Zone), provided an overview of the Chengdu High-Tech Zone Human Resources Industry Park.

Chengdu FEB

Dai Qi, representing the Chengdu Foreign Expert Bureau's Foreign Talent Service Office, offered a comprehensive explanation of foreign talent classification, as well as the criteria and required documentation for work permit applications. He highlighted the standards, policies, and procedures relevant to foreign talents, detailing the application process, essential paperwork, and processing timelines to facilitate efficient and smooth submissions by foreign talents and businesses, providing companies with a clear procedural guide.

Chengdu PSB

Li Keyi, from the Chengdu Public Security Bureau's Exit-Entry Administration, gave an in-depth explanation of the visa types required for foreign talents working in Chengdu, application conditions, and procedures, emphasizing the importance of legal entry and residence. They also provided guidance on how to deal with visa expiration, renewal, and other practical issues, ensuring a smooth and compliant life and work experience for foreign talents in Chengdu.

eChinaCareers recruitment

Norbert from eChinaCareers shared insights on recruiting high-quality foreign talents and helping them adapt to work and life environments. Through years of successful case studies, he summarized how companies could better introduce and integrate international talents into their teams.

Question and Answer Session


The question-and-answer session saw enthusiastic inquiries from the audience, creating a lively atmosphere. The speakers addressed specific questions one by one, further deepening the understanding of foreign talent policies and practical operations among the attendees.


This event enhanced enterprise understanding of Chengdu's policies for attracting foreign talents, laid a foundation for future international talent exchange and collaboration, and fostered the growth of Chengdu's infrastructure for integrating foreign expertise.

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