[2022] National Event: The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners!

Post Date: 25 Oct 2022

[2022] National Event: The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners!

The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners is organized this year by Chengdu International Science and Technology Exchange Center and Sponsored by The Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau of Chengdu. With dozens of employers and hundreds of jobs to choose from, you would be crazy to miss out. The fair offers all kinds of work opportunities – from full time to part time. This is a great chance to meet employers and find new opportunities in a friendly, informal environment set up specially for putting employers and job seekers together.

The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners

The Job Fair for Foreigners is a Chinese government backed initiative to recruit talents from across the globe. Since its 2016 conception, the fair has shown great results, and has given new insights into what China-based employers are looking for.

Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners

Time and Place

Date: Saturday October 29
Time: 10am - 16pm
Place: Chengdu Talent Service Center
Address: 5th Floor, South Railway Metro Station Exit B
Address in Chinese: 成都人才综合服 中心5层

Companies at the Fair

The Chengdu Job Fair will host 40+ companies who are recruiting for 200+ jobs, including information technology, digital culture creativity, education & languages, corporate services, advanced manufacturing, and more.


Just like last year, we will participate at the Chengdu job Fair for Foreigners - drop by and get in touch with one of our consultants at the fair!

eChinaCareers at the Job Fair for Foreigners

Ubisoft Chengdu


Lead/Senior Level Designer

Production Manager

Lead Technical Artist

Senior Graphics Programmer

And more...



Chengdu Uminton Interaction Tech

Game Concept Designer

Game Product Operation

Director of Overseas Game Operations

And more...



Chengdu Corntree Tech

Game Planning

Develop Android

Game Development

Product Manager

And many more...


Changhong Research Institute

System Security Architect

Algorithm Engineer - VSLAM

Algorithm Engineer - Speech Signal

Algorithm Engineer - Computer Vision

And more...


Core Games

Content Manager (Marketing)

And more...



Chengdu Dragonest

Game Operation

Customer Service

And more...



Shanghai Fanjie Information Tech

Senior UI Designer

3D Special Effect Designer

Battle Designer

Level Designer

And more...



Gala Sports

Community Manager

Game Localization Specialist

VIP Customer Care (Overseas)

And more...


Yueparty Information Tech

Japanese Translator

Overseas Music Content Operation

Localization Specialist

And more...



Sichuan Lan-bridge InfoTech

English Proofreader

Japanese Proofreader

French Translator and Proofreader

German Translator and Proofreader

And more...




English Teachers for Primary, Middle and High Schools

Drama, PE, Math, Biology, Physics, Science Subject Teachers

Kindergarten Teacher

And more...

Other Employers



Chengdu Digital Sky Tech

Intasect Communications

Sichuan Lan-bridge Infotech


College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts

Chengdu Tianli School

Chengdu Meishi International School

Malvern College Chengdu

Chengdu Maipu International Infotech

Sichuan Purity Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

And more...

Useful tips

Here are a few tips to make your Job Fair visit more successful.

CV / Resume

Take some paper copies along with you, and be prepared to provide a digital copy too, perhaps via USB or Wechat. Paper is handy because employers can directly write notes on it, but everyone also wants a digital copy for their records.  

Your Pitch

You may have heard of the ‘elevator pitch’, a quick sales pitch aimed at defining a product or service and its value in a minimum amount of time. You should consider doing similar for yourself. Think about how best to introduce yourself, your skills, your experience, and what you can bring to a company.

Dress Nicely

The event is an informal setting, but you should still approach it with some level of sensibility. First impressions count!

It's free of charge of Job Seekers, register here!

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