Event Recap: Afterwork Networking at the International Salon

Post Date: 17 Jan 2024

Event Recap: Afterwork Networking at the International Salon

The third installment of the 'Foreign Talent in Chengdu International Salon', focusing on 'Entrepreneurship & Innovation', a collaboration between eChinaCareers and HRSIP.CHENGDU, was successfully hosted. At this recent afterwork event, we welcomed professionals from the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship who are based in Chengdu. Our keynote speakers, Jimmy Keesee and Rocco Leonardo, provided the audience with invaluable insights and personal experiences from the industry.

This gathering brought together prominent businesses and experts, fostering a deep discussion on innovation and entrepreneurship. Notable companies including GoChengdu, FoundersLair, HC Capital, and U2C were among the participants in this event.

Afterwork Networking in Chengdu

Launching a business in China in 6 months

Jimmy Keesee (Partner at JK), a renowned entrepreneur with extensive experience in project investment and company startups, used examples like Uber, Amazon, and Mobike to delve into the success factors of these well-known startups. In his presentation, Jimmy also recounted his own journey of launching a business within a mere six months. He broke down the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship in an easy to understand manner, summarizing valuable insights gained through his experience. He emphasized particularly on the significance of identifying the right target customer base.

Starting a business in China in 6 months

Fighting food waste

Rocco Leonardo, co-founder of Zero Food Waste Chengdu, shared his ideas to set up an environmental consulting company to help organizations achieve their social responsibility and sustainable development goals.He initiated various environmental welfare initiatives and partnered with multiple businesses to decrease food waste through the "After 8 o'clock" mini program, thereby making a significant contribution to environmental conservation efforts. Rocco also shared the challenges he faced while starting his business, offering words of encouragement for others to boldly face their own challenges and actively work to overcome them.

Fighting food waste

The session transitioned into a dynamic networking segment, where attendees engaged in exchanging ideas and sharing insights. This part of the event was particularly enriching for those eyeing entrepreneurial ventures in Chengdu, as it underscored the value of resilience and creative problem-solving on their business journeys.

During the discussion session, participants actively engaged in exchanging views on shared content, discussing the future of the innovation and entrepreneurship industry. They also shared work experiences, offering valuable insights for others. The Afterwork International Salon served as an excellent learning and networking platform, deepening participants' understanding of industry trends. The event provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and enhancing professional skills.

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