High Paying Subject Teaching Jobs in China

Post Date: 21 Apr 2021

High Paying Subject Teaching Jobs in China

There’s such a high demand for qualified Subject Teachers throughout China, that International Schools are actively recruiting in virtually every corner of the country. If you already have experience in teaching AP, IB, IGCSE or A-level in your subject of expertise plus a bachelor’s degree, then you could start applying immediately.

So, for those who are looking to develop their career at well-respected International Schools that bring in hefty paychecks as well as free accommodation or housing allowance, we've listed here a few highly paying subject teaching positions for the forthcoming 2021 academic year.


The International School provides educational programs for kindergarten through high school. Classes are taught in small intimate class settings, where there is a teacher to student ratio that favors the student who receives individual care. The school thirty years of experience has given the tools to design a curriculum that contains the best of both Chinese and western education. 

Positions: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Design, Global Citizenship, Individual & Society

Salary: Up to 30,000 CNY/ Month + Free Housing

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The Bilingual School was established in 2000, and it has always been a high standard modern twelve-year private boarding school. The campus is fully tree covered and has an elegant surrounding, which provide students a perfect learning and living environment. The School provides high standard education service from Grade 1 to Grade 12, with abundant curriculum resources, it integrates Chinese culture with international ideas. 

PositionsScience, P.E., Art, Chemistry & Biology, Physics, Geography, Economics, Visual Art, History, Mathematics, Literature, Social Studies

Salary: Up to 30,000 CNY/ Month + Housing Allowance

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The High School was founded in 1929 and has grown into one of the best 3 leading institution in Chengdu. It provides an education to about 8,300 students ranging from Grade 7 to 12. In 2002, the International Department was built, introducing the Sino-US Program and gained the IB authorization in 2012.


Subjects: Literature, Art, Music, Science, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, History

Salary: up to 30,000 CNY/ Month + Free Housing

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The School offers American Advanced Placement (AP) courses, British A-Level courses, IGCSE Standard Curriculum and Canadian BC Dogwood courses for Grade 8-12.

Designed and constructed based on standards of international school, this School is equipped with top-notch teaching facilities, including library, teaching building, science building, art building, academic lecture hall, music hall, dancing rooms, piano studios, gymnasium, heated swimming pool, tennis courts, football field and basketball courts, etc.


Subjects: Accounting, Physics, Geography, Global Vision

Salary: up to 30,000 CNY/ Month + Housing Allowance

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In 2016 the International School was founded and soon became the first and only high school in China that offers an authentic Californian education.  In addition, to provide a true California-style instruction to the students of China, it strives to provide a holistic education that inspires students to pursue their passions.


Subjects: Sociology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Mathematics

Salary: Up to 30,000 CNY/Month + Free Housing

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The High School, located in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou (Canton), was founded in 1921. Since its establishment, the school had been one of the most prestigious high schools in the country and had seen the graduation of many outstanding alumni over the years. In the early twentieth century, the High School has become one of the 37 key high schools in China.


Subjects: Music, Design, History

Salary: Up to 30,000 CNY/Month

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