5 High-Paying Copy Writing Jobs

Post Date: 3 Sep 2018

5 High-Paying Copy Writing Jobs

International Copywriters are in high demand in China for their language skills and knowledge of their country's culture. For experienced copywriters, the opportunities are there for the taking. However, with many factors to consider, finding the job that's right for you is not an easy task.

So, for those who are looking to develop their career at well-respected firms that bring in hefty paychecks, we've listed here 5 highly-paying copywriter jobs of 2018 at eChinaCareers.com

1. Copyeditor at Xinhua TV

The China News for World Service Department of Xinhua News Agency aims to present a real China to a global audience, providing a better understanding of today’s China, and offering a Chinese perspective on world news. Their editorial department is seeking English copy editors for its newsrooms in Beijing. The position comes with a minimum one-year contract.

Location: Beijing

Salary: 25,000 CNY/ Month

2. Copywriter at Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox, a fast-growing company that provides opportunities to learn and to grow in a hands-on world-wide retail environment. We are currently looking for experienced copywriters/editors that have a great passion for e-commerce.

Location: Beijing

Salary: 25,000 CNY/ Month

3. Social Media Editor/Copywriter at Sherpa

Sherpa’s Delivery & Service Co., Ltd. is a multi-restaurant food delivery service, started by an American, Mark Secchia, in Shanghai in 1999. We work with over 500 restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou to deliver their food to our customers.

Location: Shanghai

Salary: 20,000 CNY/ Month

4. Senior Editor at TripAdvisor

Interested in growing your career at a fast-growing online travel company? TripAdvisor is seeking an Senior Editor who will oversee content strategies and content development for the shopping channel including city-level and store-level shopping guides, as well as curated lists for top places to shop.

Location: Beijing

Salary: +20,000 CNY/ Month

5. Copy Editor/Copy Writer at CCTVNews

To meet the needs of our expanding program schedule, CCTVNEWS is seeking experienced and dynamic candidates to fill our open positions.

Location: Shanghai & Beijing

Salary: To be discussed

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