5 High-Paying Copy Writing Jobs

Post Date: 20 Nov 2019

5 High-Paying Copy Writing Jobs

International Copywriters are in high demand in China for their language skills and knowledge of their country's culture. For experienced copywriters, the opportunities are there for the taking. However, with many factors to consider, finding the job that's right for you is not an easy task.

So, for those who are looking to develop their career at well-respected firms that bring in hefty paychecks, we've listed here 5 highly-paying copywriter jobs of 2019 at eChinaCareers.com

1. Senior Copywriter/Editor at Ctrip

China’s largest travel agency is hiring Senior Copywriter/Editor for their office based in Shanghai. As a Senior Copywriter/Editor you will be responsible for writing, editing and proofreading content for the Ctrip German website as well as, researching and writing travel-related content for use in various German -language media outlets.

Language requirement: German

Location: Shanghai

Salary: up to 25,000 CNY/ Month

2. Language Editor for CCTV

China Central Television International Video Communications, a subsidiary of CCTV, is looking for full-time English, Japanese and German Language Editors for their office in Beijing.

Language requirement: English, German and Japanese

Location: Beijing

Salary: Negotiable

3. English Copywriter at Futu Holdings

Futu Holdings (NASDAQ: FHL) a digital brokerage platform, is looking for an English Copywriter who will be responsible for writing and editing compelling content for their latest app and website (moomoo) tailored for US audiences.

Language requirement: English

Location: Shenzhen

Salary: Up to 25,000 CNY/Month

4. Senior Editor at TripAdvisor

Interested in growing your career at a fast-growing online travel company? TripAdvisor is seeking an Senior Editor who will oversee content strategies and content development for the shopping channel including city-level and store-level shopping guides, as well as curated lists for top places to shop.

Language requirement: English

Location: Beijing

Salary: 20,000 CNY/ Month + Annual Company Bonus

5. English Copy Writer at Intellirocks

Intellirocks, Shenzhen based company specializing in artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware research and development of high-tech enterprises is looking for an English Copywriter to compel creative content and edit existing to support the company’s marketing activities.


Language requirement: English

Location: Shenzhen

Salary: Up to 20,000 CNY/Month

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