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Stirling College, Chengdu University
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Stirling College, Chengdu University was established in May 2021 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. As a dependent legal entity located on Chengdu University’s home campus, it is a Sino-foreign joint educational institution founded by Chengdu University and the University of Stirling. By upholding the philosophy of “contributing to the people’s life and health” and the core theme of serving the chain of health and sports industries, Stirling College, Chengdu University has innovatively fostered the major clusters that are oriented to health and sports, combine up-to-date engineering programmes with liberal art programmes, and feature deeply redesigned Chinese and English courses and multinational education.

Poised to be part of the converged development of the health and sports industry and the global value chain, the college offers three majors in Sports Studies, Big Data, and Digital Media. Stirling College, Chengdu University adopts the "4+0" training mode, that is, the four-year training process is carried out in Chengdu University, and foreign core professional courses are introduced. Students who meet the graduation criteria and meet the conferment requirements will receive the bachelor's degree certificate of Chengdu University and the Bachelor's degree certificate of Stirling University at the same time.

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