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Beijing Best Mind English Education Consultancy
Company Size 151 - 500

Founded in 2018, Best Mind is an international English education company that focuses on Chinese children’s English literacy education, helping its students to embrace the future of the world while taking root in China.
Guided by its core value “Everything starts from our love of kids”, Best Mind has adopted industry-leading English teaching concepts and  methods to Best Mind’s educational  aims. It is committed to cultivating young  Chinese children into the future world elite with 5C literacy, which includes: Culture Competency, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication.
Teaching with Best Mind, you will interact with a diverse team of Chinese and foreign teachers.  Work in in modern classrooms equipped with latest teaching technology and tools.   You will have the opportunity to teach small classes and individual lessons in conjunction with your Chinese  colleagues using the latest materials from major American and British education publishers, and you will enjoy time out of the classroom sharing your culture and passions with your students in a variety of different hands-on activities.

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