Shenzhen yuehai global supply chain co., LTD


Logistics and Supply Chain

Shenzhen yuehai global supply chain co., LTD
Company Size 1001 - 10,000

    Shenzhen yuehai global supply chain co., ltd. was registered and established in March 2012 in qianhai. It is an enterprise settled in qianhai after the establishment of qianhai shenzhen-hong kong modern service industry cooperation zone administration.

    Yuehai is a collaborative enterprise of intelligent logistics supply chain. According to CBInsights, A world-renowned venture capital research institution, and the torch center of the ministry of science and technology, yuehai is A logistics supply chain enterprise that has reached the level of "unicorn" in A series of financing.

    Adhering to the development concept of "integration, collaboration, sharing and innovation", yuehai innovates the mode of "integrated supply chain". In 2016, yuehai established the mode of "C2B+DIY circulation manufacturing", which drives the supply chain by demand and facilitates the transformation and upgrading of the industry to the industry 4.0 era through supply chain collaborative manufacturing.

    Through innovative business model, intelligent warehouse network all over the world, advanced logistics technology, and strong comprehensive integration ability, yuehai has built a "socially Shared supply chain" system, helping many well-known enterprises to cope with the constantly changing consumer market.