Education Management

Company Size 51 - 150

    Being a leader of the Education League based in Guangzhou, World International Education (WIECHINA) has worked with hundreds of diversified partner schools, ranging from kindergartens to colleges, private to public, domestic to international. WIECHINA has long been established as a platform connecting Chinese education sector with that of the world. We pride ourselves on delivering thousands of foreign teachers to China over the past 15 years, exploring Chinese education in a global context.

    We understand that teaching abroad could be daunting at the beginning but the teachers can rest assured if they choose WIECHINA because we care for them! We’ll assist them with all the necessary paperwork, first arrival support, life support (renting an apartment, opening a bank account, etc), orientation and teaching guidance. Our dedicated team is ready to help them in both life and work throughout their employment. Welcome aboard!

Our Strengths

 Top on the list

Pioneer of Chinese education without frontiers

Largest company of its kind in southern China

Thousands of international teaches hired since 2003

 Education league

Diversified partner institutes

First-rate cooperative schools

Hundreds of partners worldwide

 Professional management

Excellent team work

Effective training system

Experienced in cross-cultural working environment

Mutual and on-going support

 Authenticity

Highly rated by noted agencies

Authorized by Chinese government