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Wechain Capital
Company Size 51 - 150

 Wechain is a company that specializes in incubating blockchain projects. Which focusing on the development of digital currency spot and derivatives margin trading systems. Wechain is headquartered in Singapore and has branches in China and the UK. The company's main team members are from 8 different countries and our customers from all around the world. The core developers are from large financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Tencent, Ping An and Noah. They have a rich background in financial research and development.

Wechain specializes in trading system technology upgrade iterations and has deep experience in the integration, strength, risk control, settlement and blockchain system security. Wechain has long been based on the blockchain industry and combines traditional financial frontier trading technology with blockchain technology to solve the technical bottleneck problem of existing digital currency spot and derivatives trading systems. The company's self-developed trading system has achieved a single-contract matching capability that has exceeded 1 million TPS. Wechain's independent development of cold wallet isolation technology and exchange security management regulations are also industry-leading. We use technology export, technology cooperation investment and incubation of digital currency trading ecosystem including well-known projects such as Panda Analysis and Bybit.

Wechain is committed to investing in unicorns in the field of incubation transactions, centered on technology research and development services