Capvision Partners (Shanghai)Corporation


Management Consulting

Capvision Partners (Shanghai)Corporation
Company Size 151 - 500

Capvision is the leading expert network platform with experts from all industries & expertise in China. Capvision provides accurate and efficient knowledge sharing services for financial institutions, consulting firms, global enterprises, and high- net-worth individuals. With the integration of the global economy and the increasing complexity of fluctuating markets, technology has brought about an explosion of information and knowledge-based wealth. However, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the quality and authenticity of the information we consume on a daily basis. How to accurately obtain effective information has become a conundrum for the global business community. Capvision was created to solve this problem. Equipped with an expert network platform covering all industries & expertise, along with over ten years of distinguished experience & service, Capvision can effectively provide our clients with the necessary information to gain the right insights for their investment needs. Our clients receive precise and professional customized services, including expert interviews, industry research, business consulting, marketing surveys, in-person and remote conferences, on-demand for whatever their inquiries may be.