Consumer Services Management Consulting

Company Size 11 - 50

TSDco is a professional management-consulting firm based in China and the United States. The consulting team includes senior consultants with years of experience in international business and human resources projects and total solution employment services for multinational corporations in the United States, China, Asia-Pacific Region, Mexico, Central American, England, Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia. 
    It is the mission of TSDco to provide "world-class" professional consulting services tailored to the needs of our clients.

We focus on: 
· Bring Experienced Captains to China Airlines.

VOR-Holdings provides "World –class“ professional consulting services not only recruiting the most experienced pilots from all over the world, but also offer daily support during your working period with Chinese Airlines. 


The specific responsible people assigned by VOR -Holdings to ensure you adapt to Chinese culture and support to your work and life. 


VOR-Holdings provide continuously trainings and guidance of cross culture, now we have had more than 170 pilots for about 20 Chinese airlines.