Shanghai Mengbei Education Technology Co., Ltd.


Education Management

Shanghai Mengbei Education Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Size 51 - 150

Technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer, technical services, installation and maintenance of electronic equipment, computer system services (except Internet service business premises), electronic commerce (not to engage in value-added telecommunications, financial services), animation and animation in the fields of educational science and technology, computer software and hardware, Electronic Science and technology, and network science and technology Design, graphic design and production (except web pages), design, production, agency, publishing all kinds of advertising, photography and video services, translation services, marketing planning, business management consulting, market information consulting and survey (not allowed to engage in social surveys, public opinion polls, social surveys, public opinion surveys), cultural and artistic activities hand in Flow planning, health management consulting (not allowed to engage in medical activities, psychological counseling), computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment, handicrafts, cultural supplies, daily department stores, office supplies, furniture, communications equipment, electronic products, audio equipment, sports equipment, musical instruments wholesale and retail. Projects approved according to law can be launched after approval by the relevant departments.

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Shanghai Mengbei Education Technology Co., Ltd.