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Vandergeeten was established in Beijing in1994 followed by Shanghai in 1997, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in 2013. Our corebusiness is importing premium confectionery products and beers from Europe,especially from Belgium. For over 20 years, European suppliers and Chinesecustomers praise Vandergeeten as a dependable corporate partner and haveaffirmed Vandergeeten high quality food and beverage products, its brands andservice.E.G. Distriselecta, a sister company ofVandergeeten, was established in 2003 and specializes in the distribution ofEuropean imported food and beverages. The company has offices in Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen as well as regional representatives in one thirdof provincial capital cities.Our top priority is food safety and wehold our suppliers to the highest industry standards to protect our consumers.We have worked hard to gain and maintain our reputation for offering the bestquality and safest imported food and beverages.

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