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Maxxelli Consulting is a subsidiary of Maxxelli Real Estate. During the last seven years Maxxelli Real Estate Ltd. has delivered consulting services to SMEs and multinationals. In order to fully develop our consulting services and cater to our clients needs better, we set up separate legal entities; Maxxelli Consulting Ltd. in Hong Kong and Mainland China in the beginning of 2013. Both companies still operate very closely together; have the same main shareholders and share personnel and resources.Maxxelli Consulting is an innovative, efficient and result-driven consulting firm specializing in second-tier city industries. We provide exclusively tailored services to our clients. Our multinational and Chinese clients choose to work with us because we provide a real understanding of local industries, deliver practical results, and perform integrated executions.We have offices throughout China with a sustainable backbone of local and western professionals, who have experience working in both China and overseas. Our projects extend to a vast range of fields such as retail, manufacturing, IT and industrial development consulting.

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