Bilingual Mathematics Teacher 双语数学老师

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  • Work Location
    Hangzhou( 杭州),
    Chinese Required
    Experience Required
    3 Years
  • Qualification
    Masters Degree
    Salary (Monthly CNY)
    15000 - 18000
    Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Job Functions
    Education, Teaching

We are seeking a Bilingual Mathematics Teacher 双语数学老师 for an international school located in Hangzhou. This is a full-time position starting from the upcoming academic year in August 2024.

About the school

This academically rigorous private international school caters to students from Grade 1 to 12, fostering a vibrant educational community with over 1000 students and nearly 200 teachers. Strategically located near major transportation links, the campus offers easy access to urban centers and essential amenities, enhancing both convenience and quality of life for students and staff. The high school division emphasizes exceptional teaching quality and offers both AP and IGCSE & A-Level curricula, preparing students for a wide range of post-secondary educational opportunities globally. The school is committed to maintaining high standards in education, aiming to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in a diverse and dynamic world.

Job details

  • Teach the subject of mathematics to secondary school students ensuring an engaging and enriching learning experience
  • Preparing lessons and lectures, tutoring techniques, designing and correcting assessments, and writing report comments
  • Collaboratively teach alongside fellow educators, actively contributing to the development and enhancement of the school's curriculum
  • Assess and monitor students’ progress and provide targets so that all learners can succeed and improve
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback to students and their parents and caregivers
  • Develop supportive and safe learning environments
  • Complete other teaching-related activities as arranged by the school



  • Related Bachelor’s or Master degree with Teaching Certification
  • Minimum 2 years of full-time classroom teaching experience in relevant subject with deep understanding in AP and/or A-Level curricular
  • Professional proficiency and in English and technology
  • Commitment on education, life-long learning and self-reflection


Salary and benefits

  • Monthly Salary of 15,000 to 18,000 RMB commensurate with experience and qualifications
  • Monthly housing allowance
  • Paid holidays approximately three months of fully paid holidays, including winter and summer vacations and all Chinese national holidays
  • Comprehensive coverage from a major insurance provider
  • Professional training
  • Meal allowance
  • Health check organized by the school every year








  • 教授中学生数学课程,确保学生有参与性和丰富的学习经验
  • 备课和备课,辅导技巧,设计和修改评估,撰写报告评论
  • 与其他教育工作者合作教学,积极为学校课程的发展和完善做出贡献
  • 评估和监督学生的进步,并提供目标,使所有学习者都能成功和提高
  • 为学生及其家长和照顾者提供明确和有建设性的反馈
  • 发展支持性和安全的学习环境
  • 完成学校安排的其他与教学相关的活动



  • 相关专业本科或硕士学历,有教师资格证
  • 至少2年相关学科的全职课堂教学经验,对AP/A-Level课程有深刻的理解
  • 熟练掌握专业英语和技术
  • 致力教育、终身学习及自我反省



  • 月薪15,00018,000元人民币,根据经验和资历
  • 每月住房补贴
  • 带薪假期约三个月的全薪假期,包括寒暑假和所有中国法定节假日
  • 医疗保险:由主要保险公司提供的全面保障
  • 专业培训:包括入职培训
  • 膳食津贴
  • 学校每年组织的健康检查