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Since the launch of its first title in 2012, Dr. Panda has successfully pioneered as a global leader in the realm of children's edutainment, developing state-of-the-art applications, toys, and animations. The brand prides itself on delivering innovative, kid-friendly products used to enhance cognitive development at the early learning stages via a digital perspective. Proudly boasting over 100 million downloads to date, its open-ended, free play philosophy reflects its popularity among both kids and their parents. An expansion from app development to augmented reality toys saw the launch of its multi-award winning Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer in Apple Stores across the United States and China in 2017, with its latest venture, Dr. Panda the animated series set to finish production at the end of 2018. Based out of Shanghai and Chengdu, China, Dr. Panda employs around 70 team members comprised of both local and international talent. 

自2012年推出首款应用以来,熊猫博士已成为全球儿童娱教领域的领导者。该品牌致力于开发创新的儿童应用、玩具和动画,通过前沿的数字化视角促进早教阶段儿童的认知发展。 迄今为止,熊猫博士系列应用的累计下载量已超过1亿次,这反映了其开放式的游戏理念广受孩子们和家长们的欢迎。熊猫博士于2017年在美国和中国的苹果商店推出了屡获殊荣的增强现实玩具《熊猫博士Plus:家居设计师》,其最新的熊猫博士动画片系列即将于 2018年底完成制作。熊猫博士团队位于中国上海和成都,由约70名本地和国际人才组成。

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