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Dongguan Irvine Education consultant
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欧文英语是一家外资独资英语培训机构,主要致力于少儿英语、成人英语、留学、旅游及升学考试等,我们采用由剑桥大学出版社研发的英语培训教材,我们大部分外籍教师都来自母语为英语的国家,并且大部分的外籍教师持有国际英语教学资格认证,进行小班教学,我们的培训中心大都处于安全且交通便捷的地段,并配有互动语言实验室,让学员浸入在一个完全英语的环境中拥有英语思维,轻松掌握第二语言-英语。Irvine English is a wholly foreign owned English training institution, mainly devoted to children’s English, adults English, study aboard, travel and examinations etc. we use the English training materials developed by Cambridge university publisher, most of our English teachers come from countries whose native language is English, and most of our foreign teachers hold international English teaching qualification, small class teaching, most of our training center are in a safe and easily accessible area, an interactive language lab, let students immerse themselves in a fully English environment with English thinking, easy to master second language-English.

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Dongguan Irvine Education consultant